by On Better Terms

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released May 27, 2017

Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by:
Brandon Sanders @ OMA Productions

Andrew Kuehm - Vocals
Alex Rincon - Guitar
Tyler Hoisington - Bass
Jarod Grimm - Drums




all rights reserved


On Better Terms Dallas, Texas

We are a band from Dallas, TX. We make music, we love soccer.


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Track Name: What You Make It
Try so hard not to live selfishly//
Become so blind to the ones around me//
They say you get what you give//
But then why have I received so much yet given so little//
Why have loved ones fallen by the way side//
As if my plans were so noble and enlightened//
Dare not interrupt my search for existential revelations//
Better known as wasting away in the background//
Just a way to euphemize the vices that keep me busy

The calendar pages torn away by the hour//
Seconds tick exponentially//
But there are still years yet to count, for now//
So fickle and fragile as the dying petals on the flowers that I never sent you//

Desperate for a world where compassion comes first//
Unable to practice it in my own life//
Years of conditioning are impossible to undo//
And frustration sets in like a sharp, sharp knife//
Maturity means more than it ever did before//
Perspective and a grain of salt//
It truly is what you make it//

I hope I have the chance to redeem what once was//
And come to terms with what will never be//
Cause this stagnation has me straining helplessly//
To be the man that they all see in me//

And if the road to hell is truly paved with good intentions//
Then this is a cold world and it’s hell to pay for me//

Opportunities squandered and outcomes pondered//
Into memories and regrets, I’ve carelessly wandered//
I must leave the past behind//
And I can’t complain//
Cause I have so much yet to find//
So much yet to find//
So much to define//
So much to make right//
Track Name: Morning Sun
The sunlight peaks through cracked blinds//
Interrupting sleep we could never find anyway//
My crutch, I hinge to your embrace//
Too dependent to leave this place//
To walk these streets I’m just another face//
The shelter you built just wasted space//
Slipping back into another lonely state//

Embrace, embrace//
Can we replace//
I never saw it coming//

Morning sun; lay there with you//
I’ll remember when you missed me too//

Please just give my heart a home//
Cause I don’t think my brain can find one on it’s own//
Loved and never forgotten//
No matter how my thoughts rotten//
Just a face in the crowd//
Saved me from being just another face in the crowd//

Till the morning sun//
We carried on but we never followed through, long overdue with you//
Every last minute, like the first over again//
Do you remember, when you missed me too//
Track Name: A Moment
I stay awake at night, retracing the steps to find//
When life went wrong, when I went wrong//
To find a moment when I knew it was all gone//
A moment when the life that I fought, the hardest for was falling apart//
A moment when I'll cry, and a moment when I gave my all//

A moment when I tried, a moment I felt alive//
Cause these days, they're hard to find//
And I cannot look myself in the eyes//
(through all this reflection I've always known the end was near)

But in this moment now, I know I never want to waste another again//
It's these moments in life we forget to treasure, and when our days are done, it's those moments we will miss the most//
Never forget your past, and don't you be afraid of this life in front of you//
(Just one brief moment)

And even though I've lived in fear, I won't let it affect my life anymore//
Because I've learned that I have so many moments in front of me//
And as I look back, I've made one decision//
I'll never let a moment pass me by//
Track Name: Predisposition
I refuse to see myself and my existence//
As more than just a grain of sand//
Washed into sea, drawn back in//

Taken all so seriously//
when it's a miracle to breathe//
No longevity for history//
Waiting for the day to come//
When you realize that you'll be one//
With all the dirt that bore your seed to sow//

You're a grain of sand, drawn to land//

Forget for a minute that your heart's not in it, are you even taking all the right steps//
To prioritize what will coincide with the thoughts you're supposed to think//
Maybe just maybe, you shouldn't be entitled to your own opinion//
When you can't grasp the minute role you play in all of this//

Forget for a second everything that you reckon was a vital part of life//
And recognize that we specialize in overwhelming selfishness//
Maybe just maybe your hunger for power is a cry for help//
To be reminded of the fact that we all exist as one//

Creatures in the air will never know you're there//
Creatures in the deep will never know your name//

Washed out to sea//
Drawn to land, out to sea//

Your predisposition would not be your own//
If you were born in the body of another//
When and where//